“The Unheard Struggles of Rapper Saweetie: A Look into the Long Delay of Her Debut Album”

Saweetie explained why she hasn’t put out a full album yet.

“I just feel like nobody was caring about my music,” Saweetie, real name Diamont√© Harper, told Allure in a new interview. “To me, music is sacred. It’s coming from your spirit. You can’t just go finish an album in a week. That’s why it’s taking me so long. That’s why I haven’t dropped an album yet.”

A 30-year-old rapper and singer discussed why her first album hasn’t been released yet

The singer of the popular song “My Type,” Saweetie, stated that she used to feel as though people were constantly observing and criticizing her when she made songs.

“I don’t want to be a downer, but this is how my career has really been,” she remarked. Everyone was continuously criticizing what I published. I became insecure as a result of that. I’m a confident person overall, but as an artist, I felt uneasy.”

She added that she had criticisms for the music she writes. “As a musician, my feelings regarding my work are constantly shifting. I can realize that I’ve changed after listening to a song I wrote only three months ago.”

The first major album by Saweetie was released in March 2018. The term for it was “High Maintenance.”

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